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B&S Information and Competitive Record

  • "Their Story" contains the B&S biography and information about Elena's accident a few years ago.
  • The profiles include facts about B&S like former partners, height, weight, birthday.
  • Check the competitive record for stats and details about B&S's competitions.
  • The newest B&S Online section: visit the B&S Article Archive to read various good-content magazine/newspaper articles.
  • The "Programs" section contains information about B&S programs, like the costumes they wear and the music.
  • Do you want to join the new B&S fan club? Visit the "Fan Club" page for details.
  • The "Links" page allows you to skate to other B&S pages, as well as general figure skating pages and more.
  • Visit the "Tamara Moskvina" section for info on B&S's coach.

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