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With the 1998 - 1999 skating season fast approaching, please take the time to send your good luck wishes to Elena and Anton. Also, both of their birthdays are in October, so you can take this opportunity to wish them happy birthdays by filling out this form. All good luck and happy birthday wishes can be forwarded to B&S through the B&S Fan Club. Thanks.


Elena and Anton,

I wish you both the best this season! Last year was so remarkable, but it can still get better! You are the best pairs team I have ever seen...keep working for gold in 2002! And have a happy birthday!



I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming season, because you both deserve the very best! Also, I would like to wish you a happy birthday! Keep up the excellent skating!



Dear Elena and Anton!!!!

I wish both of you a very happy and funfilled day on your upcoming birthdays!

I am a great fan of both of you and I believe you two have the potential to become known as one of the finest pairs skaters in the world. The combination of grace and athleticism inherent in your style of skating is of the kind that one finds in past and current great skaters.

I know that you must be tired of being compared to Gordeeva and Grinkov, but I must say that you two possess the "magic" of G&G, which is rare indeed. It is the highest compliment I could pay you two. I never thought I would see that kind of magic ever again when Sergei passed away. I am grateful you two possess this same magic because it is so unique and special. And the nicest part about it all, is that you express this magic in your own unique way.

I wish you both the very best life has to offer, both in your careers and in your personal life. I look forward to watching you two perform in upcoming events and hope that someday, I might actually have an opportunity to see you perform "live". God bless you both....

~Cyn Walleman,

Elena and Anton,

I wish you happy birthday and the best of luck. Thank you for showing us your beautiful skating! And remember to smile, it looks great when you do.


Lots of love and happy birthday. To me you are the BEST EVER PAIRS SKATERS.


To Elena and Anton,

I wish for the both of you, all the luck in the world and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.



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If you don't want to use the form, you can email me (Jen) with your good luck and happy birthday wishes for Elena and Anton. My email address is