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Short Interviews
Interesting Facts & Quotes
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Short Interviews

1998 Champion Series Final

Susie Wynne : Elena and Anton, I love your skating. Congratulations.

Elena : Thank you

Susie Wynne : Now you came in first in France, and now you're first here in Munich. How does this feel to be on the winner's podium?

Anton : Sure we are very very glad and very question.

Susie Wynne : All good things. Now, will you make any changes going into the Olympics in your programs?

Anton : I don't think so, because it's now we have good program and we don't need change nothing.

Susie Wynne : Well best of luck in Nagano, we'll be rooting for you. OK congratulations.

Elena and Anton : Thank you.

1998 Ultimate Four

Commentator : Anton, Elena, what a year it has been. As you carried her off, I think so many people thought about how the story has happened, that you have picked her up and carried her back into the skating world. What has the year meant to you?

Anton [Asking Tamara Moskvina to translate]

Tamara Moskvina [Translating in Russian]

Anton : You know, my partner for me is like diamond. And I must keep her and have a ... make big attention for her, and I'm every time worry about her. And here [gesturing toward his heart] it's just my feeling.

Commentator Al, as I throw it back to you, just look at Elena's eyes and those smile and that tells it all. Congratulations to the two of you.

Elena : Thank you.

Anton : Thanks.

A few more interviews can be found at Yuri's B&S Interviews page.

Interesting Facts & Quotes

When asked about their fall on the final invereted star lift in their Olympic long program, Anton responded, "I don't know what I can say. It's a new finish. If you don't like it, we can change it, no problem."

Elena's mother's name is Tatyana.

Anton's parents' names are Lyudmila and Tehreeal. That would make his full name, "Anton Tehreealovich Sikharulidze." Whew.

"Probably the most talented since Gordeeva and Grinkov" - Choreographer Sandra Bezic on B&S.

I've seen record of a pairs team that finished 8th at Russian Nationals this year, "Shliakhova and Petrovski." Sorry but I think that's kind of creepy :)

This isn't really a fact or quote, but I still have hope that Elena and Anton will fall in love with each other again. They make a perfect couple. If you agree, check the small box below and click the send button. I'm just curious to see how many people there are; I can post results on this page if you want.

Check here if you agree.

The B&S Mailing List

Traci has started a B&S Mailing List! To subscribe, Click here. When you register to One List, you will receive two emails. Simply reply to the confirmation email and you will be registered! For more info, email Traci Lyn, the listmaster.

Elena's Name

Anton's name is usually spelled correctly (except on the internet), but I've seen Elena spelled with a "Y" at the start, and her last name has been spelled Berezhnaya, Bereznaya, Berezhnaia, and Bereznaia. I'm not Russian, but I'm learning the language, so I will try to explain why there's so much confusion, although Yuri is probably more qualified to give you an explanation.


In the Russian (Cyrillic) alphabet, there is a letter written like the "E" in the English alphabet. However, it is actually pronounced "Ye." So whether you'd like to spell it like it's written in Russian (E) or how it sounds in Russian (Ye) is your choice.


The correct choice is definitely "Berezh." In Russian, there are two separate letters for "z" and "zh." Since Elena's last name has a "zh," leaving out the "h" would mistake the letter completely.

Russian letters being converted to the English alphabet is called transliteration. Look at the last two Russian letters in "Berezhnaya." There's an "a" and a "backward R." The "backward R" is pronounced, "ya." I prefer the "naya" spelling because if you changed the last two Russian letters to English, the result would be "aya." However, there are several systems of Russian-English transliteration. Some systems use "aia" instead of "aya". Berezhnaya would be Berezhnaia, Slutskaya - Slutskaia, Butyrskaya - Butyrskaia.

Well that's my best try. Please tell me about it if I was unclear about anything. And if you want to learn more about Russian, here is Yahoo's Category.

About B&S Online and Myself

Some Info My name is Jen (Jenny actually) and I live in California, USA. I play lots of sports, but only volleyball and soccer seriously. When I was little I was into gymnastics, bu skating won me over eventually. I'm a student, 13 years old, bt I try (with varying degrees of success) to sound mature when I write these pages :) My dad is a computer engineer and really into the internet, so at the beginning of this year I started to work with web pages. My first attempt was a pitiful gymnastics page made with Front Page 98. I got fed up with web authoring tools like Front Page (there's lots of annoying things about them) so I learned HTML. If you are thinking of starting a web site, I think it's OK to start with a tool like Front Page, but it makes life much easier if you do it with Notepad and HTML.

My thoughts on B&S
Well it's kind of funny how I discovered them. This was before
Heather's great TV schedule was around, so I was late watching the pairs long program at '97 Worlds. I turned on the TV and Elena and Anton were just starting "Dark Eyes." Maybe I jinxed them or something, but anyhow this happened to be their worst performance ever, Anton fell on his triple toe and on his double axel combo. Elena fell on both her throws (I winced just watching it). So I didn't have the best first impression of B&S. I'd heard about what happened with Elena and her old partner, and I thought it was kind of rude of Anton to leave her there waiting for the scores to come up.

In the next season, I saw B&S in some Champion Series events, and the final, where they were great. I became a huge fan and around Europeans, started thinking about a web site maybe. I was truly nerve-wracked watching B&S at the Olympics :) In the short program, Anton's triple toe was straight and perfectly aligned with Elena's in the air, it looked like the outside edge he landed on was too deep and it slipped out. It was sad to see them in the Kiss n Cry; Anton looked miserable and didn't say anything at all, Elena was trying so hard not to show how upset she was I felt sorry for her. In the long program the fall on the final star lift made my top ten list of shocking moments in being a skating fan.

A silver medal is a great accomplishment, especially considering how far B&S have come. They are so good that people tend to forget how young and inexperienced they are. Congratulations to Elena and Anton for their World title and great season!

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