"I hope not, that is not interesting." - Artur Dmitriev, asked about the possibility of a Russian pairs sweep at '98 Olympics

"She said sorry about the death spiral, because she didn't do it cleanly. I said, It's OK, no problem." - Artur Dmitriev, after short program at '98 Olympics

"I like their emotions and passion and power." - Tamara Moskvina, on Kazakova & Dmitriev
"I am so happy, it felt so good." - Oksana Kazakova, after winning the gold at the Olympics.

"I think we are lucky to skate together with another of the strongest pairs every time," Sikharulidze said. "We can see them, see what they do better and try and skate better ourselves." - Teammate Anton Sikharulidze, on Kazakova & Dmitriev

"You know, figure skating is a very easy sport. You just skate and jump." - Artur Dmitriev

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