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The Champion Series

The Champion Series are an International Skating Union (ISU) sponsored series of skating competitions over the course of every season. Most skaters are allowed to attend two out of the six events in order to earn points. The top three skaters from the previous World Championships are allowed to compete in three, but only earn prize money, no points, for the third event. The number of points you receive depends on your placement.

  • 1st place-12 points
  • 2nd place-9 points
  • 3rd place-7 points
  • 4th place-5 points
  • 5th place-4 points
  • 6th place-3 points
  • 7th place-2 points
  • 8th place-1 points
After the last event, the amount of points you have earned in the two competitions is totaled. The top five pairs and ice dance couples and the top six men and ladies advance to the Champion Series Final.

These competitions are big money. Prize money is offered for high placement at the individual events, the actual Champion Series Final, and skaters who scored points but didn't advance to the final, as well as a bonus for attending the Final and the Exhibition.

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