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Champions on Ice

Here is a Champions on Ice tour schedule of remaining shows. Please keep in mind that Elena and Anton have taken a short break to prepare routines for next year and will rejoin the tour on June 27. Details on the latest news page.

Date City
June 10 Boise, ID
June 13 Spokane, WA
June 14 Portland, OR
June 16 Anchorage, AK
June 20 Seattle, WA (two shows)
June 21 Seattle, WA
June 24 Sacramento, CA
June 26 Oakland, CA
June 27 San Jose, CA (two shows)
June 30 Fresno, CA
July 2 Reno, NV
July 3 Las Vegas, NV
July 5 San Diego, CA
July 8 Phoenix, AZ
July 9 Long Beach, CA
July 10 Anaheim, CA
July 12 Los Angeles, CA
July 15 Kansas City, MO
July 16 St. Louis, MO
July 17 Chicago, IL
July 18 Chicago, IL
July 19 Chicago, IL

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