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August 2, 1998
Uniondale, New York: 1998 Goodwill Games Exhibition
B&S skated to Barcelona in their green costumes.

May 26, 1998
Toronto, Canada: Underhill and Martini: One Last Time
This show was a tribute and farewell to pairs figure skaters Barbara Underhill and Paul Martini, who announced their retirement. Elena and Anton skated to Barcelona wearing the greenish costumes. Information about programs and costumes can be found here.

May 18, 1998
Simsbury, Connecticut: Jazzed Up Skating
B&S skated to Elegie in the whitish-silver costumes, and also to Barcelona in the green costumes.

February 24, 1998
Tokyo, Japan: 1998 Golden Gala
This exhibition featured all of the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics medalists except for Elvis Stojko, who was injured. Elena and Anton skated to Dark Eyes in the purple costumes and Barcelona in the gold and black costumes.

September, 1997
Canada: 1997 Elvis Tour of Champions
The pair skated to Swan Lake, usually in the blue costumes, and Barcelona, for two weeks on the Elvis tour.

February 4, 1998
My Sergei
Elena and Anton skated in the "pond scenes," playing the parts of Ekaterina Gordeeva and the late Sergei Grinkov in this CBS docudrama.

July, 1997
Jyväskylä, Finland: International Skating Camp ICEX
Elena and Anton skated an exhibition at this skating camp to Barcelona in red and black costumes. Links to photos can be found on the Online Photos page.

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