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Updates Archive

Week of October 19:

  • Updated Fan List
  • Removed Messages page

Week of September 27:

  • New post to Fan List
  • Sorry for the lack of updates recently; I'm on my school's volleyball team and I play soccer too, so I've been busy. But when skating season gets into full swing, I will be updating a lot more :)

Week of September 20:

Week of September 13:

Week of September 6:

Week of August 30:

Week of August 23:

Week of August 16:

Week of August 9:

Week of August 2:

Week of July 26:

Week of June 28:

Week of June 21:

Week of June 14:

May 16-June 14: Giving the entire site a new look, updating Competitive Record, adding lots of new stuff, moving to Tripod.

Week of May 10

  • May 13: Added a B&S message board (discontinued) and a chat room.
  • May 15: Created a B&S quiz so that you can test your knowledge!

Week of May 3

  • May 5: Updated links page. Took off "" and added Triana's and Fiona's figure skating sites, and can skate to these pages from the links page.
  • May 7: The old page used to have buttons, but I changed the buttons to test because the page was getting too big.

Week of April 26

  • April 28: Added more information to the programs page.
  • April 29: Changed the font on the entire website to "Verdana."

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